Philadelphia’s Cheesesteak

While at a party in Philadelphia, we found ourselves discussing what we thought to be “the” place to have the best cheesesteaks in town. What we didn’t know was that we were talking to a Philadelphia native. Needless to say we completely missed the mark and within the hour found ourselves with this person and a friend in a cab on a drive to South St. and 4th for literally some of the best cheesesteaks in town. The Restaurant is called Jim’s, and it’s a Philadelphia staple that’s been in business since 1939.

When we arrived, past midnight the first thing that struck us was the line which had people waiting outside; followed by the aromatic smells of grilled meat and onions as well as the intense steam from the grill. We paid for our food and headed upstairs where we could fully grasp why people hold Jim’s as one of the top rated restaurants for the Philly Cheesesteak.

The toasty warm soft hero bread which enveloped the perfectly seasoned meat paired with the melted American cheese and caramelized onions hit the spot. After our first bite we were hooked, and by the looks of the people around us you could tell that this wasn’t just hangover food for the wee hours of the morning, it was a Philadelphia destination! The walls were covered with famous faces that have visited throughout the years and the staff that worked the place definitely made you feel at home, they even let us stay a little later after closing to finish our meal. It was our first experience of Philly hospitality paired with trying the most delicious mouth watering cheesesteak we have had so far!





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Sarah + Monty


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