Philadelphia:The Dandelion

This week we are in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania visiting friends. We love Philly as it is our home away from home. There are so many trendy restaurants and bars it is like a foodie paradise!

On Sunday we decided to do a late late brunch. After having mimosas at a few different spots along 13th street, we decided to head over to the Continental. Our friends really wanted to sit upstairs, but unfortunately there was a private event taking place. We thought for a few minutes about where to go next and quickly decided on the Dandelion!  After walking a few blocks to the restaurant, we found ourselves in awe of the architecture and design of this house turned restaurant. 

We stepped in and felt as if we were transported to a cozy home somewhere in England. There were beautiful comfy couches and dining nooks throughout the 2 storied restaurant. The Brunch menu was excellent. We had their Curried Crab, and Cod and Chili Cakes for the appetizer, followed by their staple dish, the Lamb Shepard’s Pie for our main course. The pie was so good, we wished that it had come in a bigger baking dish. We finished the meal with a delicious Whiskey Caramel Chocolate Tart. Everything was so good that we asked for the dinner menu! lol We were stuffed, but wanted to know what they served so that we could plan our next visit to the Dandelion. The dinner menu was filled with mouth-watering dishes. We will definitely be coming back!

#FITip: Learn to go with the flow.






Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.

Sarah + Monty


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