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How it all got started…

Hi! We’re Monty and Sarah; a couple who consider ourselves foodies with a passion for travel.We both hail from Queens, New York, the most ethnically diverse county in the United States! Every neighborhood is bursting with flavors from different countries and we are happy to call this borough our home!

Food holds so many memories for us. We were both raised in predominantly Caribbean households and were exposed to different foods and cultures at a young age.

For Monty, food meant and still means friendship. From sharing a piping hot plate of chicken masala with his Indian friend to having mooncakes during Chinese New Year celebrations, he had many opportunities to explore the world through food.

I (Sarah) experienced food and culture through my family. I am a first generation American with Jamaican and Ivorian parents. My earliest food memories include the flavor of my favorite dish which was my mom’s curry chicken. The savory flavor of the chicken, onions, and potatoes marinated in a curry sauce left a lasting imprint on my taste buds. My dad who hails from Cote d’Ivoire would make a delicious home-cooked gumbo, which was his signature dish for our family.

Our unique upbringings were the gateway to experiencing the world through food and also fueled our passions for cooking and traveling. In 2015, we launched the blog Food Inspiration Travel to share our food finds, travel adventures, and inspiring stories from food and travel professionals.

We want to build a community that inspires you to experience the world one plate at a time.

We look forward to connecting with you!


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