NYC Chocolate Guide

Yesterday, FITblog had the pleasure of exploring some of NYC’s coolest chocolate shops on Valentine’s Day. Below are the top 3 chocolate shops from yesterday’s adventures. You must try chocolates from the shops below if you have not already!

#FITip: Always say yes to good quality chocolate! lol

  1. Xocolatti, 172 Prince Street

This chocolate shop is so cute. It is about 150 square feet of space filled with exoctic and delicious chocolates. The flavors range from  Lemon Ginger to Black Berry Pepper. I tried the Mango Paprika chocolate slate, which was amazing! If you are looking for creative and globally-influenced flavors of chocolate, this is definitely the place to visit!

choco (2)choco2 (2)


2. Royce’, 253 Bleecker Street

Royce chocolates are produced in Hokkaido, Japan. This is by far the best chocolate I’ve had. Period. I bought the Nama Chocolate and enjoyed it with champagne for Valentine’s Day dessert. If you want to experience luxury in your mouth…this is the place for you!

choco4 (2)


3. Milk and Cookies

Ok, so Milk and Cookies is not exactly a chocolate shop, but they do serve amazing double chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were a cross between a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. It was delicious. I will definitely be going back to try other flavors.


choco3 (2)


What are your favorite chocolate shops? Comment and subscribe below!

lots of love + positivity,



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