I went to Detroit for the 1st time last weekend. The images the media shows of this city are usually of blighted houses, closed businesses, and economically-disadvantaged people. Did I see those things on my trip? Yes, but Detroit is so much more than those images. I was happy I got the chance to connect with friends and family or “survivors” living here who showed me the historical side of Detroit as well as the revitalization that is happening here.

Detroit was THE American city. It was the industrialized city where new cars were manufactured and the 1st highways were built. It was a thriving city with millions of people living and working there. Today, it is a completely different place, but the structures that still stand both sky scrapers and housing stock help one to understand how wealthy this city once was. Today, a few hundred thousand people live here and many new entrepreneurs are starting new businesses here.

Below are some images of the architecture and food/restaurants that were inspiring on this trip. Please enjoy!

#FITip: You’ll never know until you go! I encourage you to book that flight to a city you have been curious to discover. I guarantee the trip will change your perspective on life as you know it.


detroit8 (2)
Buddy’s- Rated #1 Pizza in Detroit. Featured on The Food Network.
detroit9 (2)

detroit3 (2)
Beautiful Entryway of Gold Cash Gold restaurant

detroit5 (2)
Inside Gold Cash Gold

detroit2 (2)
Train Station in Cork Town, no longer in use

detroit10 (2)
The Guardian Building

detroit7 (2)
The Guardian Building

detroit13 (2)
Huron Room

detroit12 (2)
Local ingredients 
Lots of love + positivity,


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