A Taste of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is known worldwide for its great tasting wine. Fortunately, we were able to spend a significant amount of time in the region to learn that it offers so much more! We fell in love with its beautifully preserved 18th century architecture, less-trafficked, walkable neighborhoods, diverse culture, and its abundant food scene.


In this post, we are going to focus on the Bordeaux food scene showing you everything from where you should grab your morning croissant to where to experience modern and delicious French cuisine all in one day! Please read on.

Breakfast @ Paul 

Image from paul.fr
  • Location: 33 Rue Saint-Catherine (This location has outdoor seating)
  • Price: $
  • Favorite Meal(s): Croissant with Hot Chocolate
  • Highlights:  Start your morning at the popular chain, Paul, for some of the fluffiest croissants and most velvety cup of hot chocolate. Paul is located all over the city, but we dined at the location in  the city center.

Lunch @ La Salle

IMG_2070 IMG_1644

  • Location: 18 Rue Saint- Joseph
  • Price: $
  • Favorite Meal(s): Roast Beef with carmelized onions and roasted potatoes
  • Highlights: Get ready for a local experience at La Salle featuring a minimal eclectic décor with home-style hospitality making you feel like you are in the chef’s living room. The menu changes daily and is hand-written on chalk-board adding to the restaurant’s charm.

#FITip: This restaurant is only open for lunch: Mon – Fri from 12 – 2:30pm !

Afternoon Organic Wine Tasting @ Cousin et Compagnie 



  • Location: 2 Rue de Pas – Saint Georges
  • Price: $ – $$$
  • Favorite Drink(s): Vintage Devin (produced by owner of shop)
  • Highlights: What is special about this wine shop is the large assortment of organic wines covering the walls from floor to sealing. It’s a busy atmosphere, but the sommeliers are happy to help you navigate their collection.

Dinner @ Le Troquet 




  • Location: 18 Rue Fernand Philippart
  • Price: $$
  • Favorite Meal(s):  Salmon and Gnocchi and Grilled Beef with Sweet Potato Chips & Corn Salsa
  • Highlights: If you enjoy the wines at Cousin et Compagnie, then you will love the way they are paired with the menu items at this restaurant. Le Troquet is an intimate spot located just outside Place du Parliament featuring a rustic-farmhouse interior with colorful, modern plating. This is the perfect dinner spot after experiencing the beautiful streets of Bordeaux.

Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion. 

Sarah + Monty


Why the Island of Sifnos Should Be Your Next Greek Escape

If you are looking for a Greek island of peace and tranquility, rich in art, and filled with rustic Greek cuisine then look no further than Sifnos. Sifnos is a small island located in the Mediterranean just west of the island of Paros and East of the island of Milos. The island is covered with lush green mountainous landscapes that afford views over the homes, farms, and vineyards of the scenic island. Sifnos is known for its colorful ceramics sold by local potters who produce the work and display it in their shop windows in the Port of Kamares. Please read on for more details on where to stay, eat, and play.

#FITip: Pause and recharge.

Port of Kamares


Where To Stay


  • Location: Kamares
  • Highlights: This was a simple Airbnb studio with some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains. It provided us a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the Port of Kamares. Our host Dina stocked the room with fresh towels, bottles of water, and freshly baked cookies.
  • Price: $


Where to Eat


  • Location: Kamares
  • Highlights: They serve tasty rustic-styled cuisine featuring traditional Greek meals. 
  • Favorite Dish(es): Baked Lamb and French Fries 
  • Price: $


Where to Play 

Sight-seeing in Apollonia

  • Location: Apollonia
  • Highlights: This is a great place to explore architecture, but more importantly local life. This is also where you will see all the beautiful views.
  • Price: Free to explore, but the bus ride to get to Apollonia is a few euros
  • Tip: Don’t be afraid to get lost because you will happen upon beautiful sights




  • Location: Kamares
  • Highlights: The potter, our instructor, was welcoming and more than happy to show us how to make pottery on his wheel.
  • Price: Free
  • Tip: Go to the pottery shop earlier in the day and ask the potter for a lesson
This is the shop where we learned how to make pottery!


Sifnos House Spa

  • Location: Kamares
  • Highlights: This was such a relaxing oasis within an oasis, which was nearby our Airbnb. They offer a range of services. We opted for the Turkish bath and jacuzzi experience, which we highly recommend.
  • Price: $$$
  • Tip: You must make a reservation prior to experiencing the spa.


Have you been to Sifnos? Let us know in the comments below!

Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.

Sarah + Monty