Sanibel Island


Sanibel Island is a great weekend trip for those of you who are looking to travel throughout the year without using all of your PTO. It is part of the Cape Coral- Fort Myers area of Florida. We recently took a two and a half hour flight from New York to this beautiful destination. It was a short ride from our grandparents’ home in Fort Myers.  It’s a great place to soak in the sun, enjoy a warm breeze, and even go dolphin watching. Please see details below.

#FITip: Exploring a different city or neighborhood within a state that you live or visit often will pleasantly surprise you. You’ll gain more appreciation for that location.

Where to Eat

We got to the island around 11am and decided to have brunch. We ate at a local café called Sanibel Café. It was a small restaurant within a strip mall of other restaurants and shops. It was packed when we got there and for a good reason. The menu boasted Coconut French Toast, Belgian Waffles with any topping, local fish and eggs, and more! We ordered 3 dishes between the 2 of us… we were hungry and excited about the options. lol We thoroughly enjoyed our brunch and would recommend this place when visiting Sanibel. See pics below.




Where to Play

There were a couple beach areas on Sanibel Island. We chose the Gulfside City Park Beach. It was a lovely beach with lots of sea shells lining the shore. It had great unobstructed views of the Gulf. We also had the pleasant surprise of seeing Dolphins swimming in the area. It wasn’t crowded and was super relaxing. We will definitely be returning to this beach on our next visit! See pics below.




Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.

Monty + Sarah


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