Bogota, Colombia: Where to Eat

Our food journey through Bogota wasn’t as smooth as we thought it would be, but that was because we wanted to really go with the flow. For most of our trip we stumbled through the food scene, eventually discovering some real gems which showcase some of the great traditional dishes of Colombian cuisine as well as more contemporary plates, and coffee, let’s not forget about the Colombian coffee! Allow us to take you on a food journey in a day in Colombian cuisine as seen through our eyes. We’ll start with brunch, our favorite meal of the day, please read on below.



We started our day at around 11am at a contemporary brunch spot called Brot in La Zona Rosa. As their name might suggest they are known for their bread and other baked goods which are delicious. The atmosphere is great too. We went on a Sunday morning and it was pretty packed but not unbearable. The brunch selctions that caught our attention were the sandwiches. The roast beef with a spicy honey mustard on warm focaccia was complimented by side salad of strawberries and pears. See photos below.





Arte Y Pasion Café

The next stop on our food journey through Bogota, was a visit to a coffeeshop called Arte Y Pasion Café, located just a few blocks away from Plaza de Bolivar in La Candelaria. Colombians are known for their coffee, with famous exported brands such as Juan Valdez that are know world wide. On our visit we decided to spend a leisurly afternoon sampling different coffee brews. If you go, we highly recommend you try ‘A Coffee History’ in which you will enjoy a demonstration and tasting of four different coffee brewing methods performed by Arte y Pasion Cafe’s expert baristas! We really enjoyed this, as we got to enjoy the atmosphere and the coffee, a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon in Bogota. We even finished with lattes afterwards because the coffee was that good!





After our afternoon coffee tasting it was on to some of Colombia’s delicious street food. We know Arepas to be a Venezuelan dish served in the States, but an Arepa with cheese or meat is a common quick bite in Bogota that you can grab on the go.


Club Colombia

For dinner we decided to go to Club Colombia for some traditional Colombian cuisine in an upscale atmosphere. Club Colombia is located in La Zona Rosa, just a few blocks away from the hotel we were staying in. It feels like an old boys club, it’s dark  and mysterious, the kind of place where you would want to smoke a cigar and make deals in. The service was impeccable and the food was just as good. We reccomend this for anyone looking to relax while enjoing a traditional Colombian meal. See photos below.






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