Bogota Colombia: Where to Stay

Before heading to Colombia, we reached out to a few friends who had either visited and/or lived in Bogota. Based on their suggestions, we decided to stay in a neighborhood called La Zona Rosa or The Pink Zone. Please continue reading.

# FITip: Don’t let your fears stunt your growth. You deserve to reach your full potential! 

Where to Stay

La Zona Rosa is a really lovely area of Bogota. There are a ton of shopping areas and restaurants in this neighborhood. We stayed at 84 DC Hotel. It is located in a residential area and is in walking distance to all of the attractions. We really enjoyed our stay in this hotel as the staff was really friendly and our room was modern and made comfortable. Although we usually like to book hotels with swimming pools and/or gyms, we were hooked on this neighborhood and the modern-style of the hotel! With all of the walking around that we did, there was no need for a gym. Also, the weather in Bogota felt Fall-like so we weren’t missing the pool. We were very happy with the choice we made! Please see pics below of the hotel and surrounding area.





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Sarah + Monty


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