Copenhagen: The City (Part 1)

If you had a weekend to go anywhere, where would you go? My boyfriend and I were faced with this decision months ago  and was able to answer rather quickly…Copenhagen! Why? There was an amazing flight deal that we couldn’t resist. We also love discovering new places so it worked out since we hadn’t yet explored Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is such a charming city. The city felt so familiar. It’s an intriguing place with elements from cities such as London, Munich, and Paris and yet it manages to maintain its identity through its unique art, parks, and food! By the end of our first day, we knew we would be back again. The flight is 6 hours long, which is just like flying out to Cali from NY. It is definitely a great weekend getaway (or longer) that would be worth your while!

Please enjoy the pics below from various parts of the city!

#FITip: Seek out new experiences and allow yourself to “get lost” . This helps you to reconnect with your inner child; and life becomes a beautiful adventure.


co9 (2)

co4 (2)

co3 (2)

co7 (2)


Look out for part 2 when FITblog delves into Copenhagen’s cuisine!

lots of love + positivity,



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