Our Favorite Island in the Cyclades: Milos, Greece

Ohhh Milos! How we love thee so much! lol Our trip to Milos was one for the books as we really felt this island pulling on our heart strings. We chose Milos for a few reasons. Mainly, for its incredible landscapes. Milos is known for its sculptural rock formations that adorn the island, which captivated us and left us in awe. We also planned to come to Milos because of its affordability as it is less crowded than its more visited counterparts Mykonos and Santorini. We stayed for 3 days and quickly realized that we had to come back! We think we might have found our favorite island of the Cyclades. Check out our post below on where we stayed, ate, and played.

#FITip: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. 

Where to Stay

Olea Bay Hotel

  • Location: Adamas, Milos
  • Highlights: This boutique hotel offered a comfortable stay with its minimalist modern design and outdoor pool. It is located conveniently near the Adamas port where there are many restaurants as well as offices to book your boat tours and excursions. Also, one of our favorite restaurants was in walking distance of this hotel. It’s called Ohamus. Please read on for more info. on the restaurant.
  • Price: $$



Where to Eat

Oximus pronounced “Ohamus”

  • Location: Adamas, Milos
  • Highlights: The staff is friendly and the food is delicious. You have a choice to sit inside or on the beach. They use local ingredients in all of their dishes.
  • Favorite Dish(es): Eggplant with Ground Lamb and the Greek Salad with local cheese and bread
  • Price: $$



  • Location: Plaka, Milos
  • Highlights: This restaurant is spacious and serves rustic-styled dishes. In addition to the Greek traditional dishes, they also have a large selection of vegetarian meals from which to choose.
  • Favorite Dish(es) : Kritamokeftedes (Fried Zucchini Balls!!!) and the Lamb Stew
  • Price: $$


Where to Play

Sarakiniko Beach

  • Location: Sarakiniko
  • Highlights: This was our favorite place on earth thus far! We were really moved by the views, the white volcanic rocks, and the grove! It was only a 15 minute drive from the hotel. Some people describe their experience here as feeling as if they are on the moon.
  • Price: Entry is free
  • Tip: Visit this beach before 12pm or after 3pm as the sun’s intensity is to extreme from 12-3pm!


Plaka Village

  • Location: Plaka
  • Highlights: This is the capital of Milos. It is a charming village, which features local shops, restaurants, and the best views of Milos! We climbed to the highest point on the island called Kastro, which has 360 degrees of breathtaking views! It is worth the climb!
  • Price: Entry is free
  • Tip: Bring water and comfortable pair of sneakers for the hike up the mountain!


Have you been to Milos? What was your favorite part of the island? Let us know in the comments below!

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