Beer & Architecture in Minnesota

Monty’s work as an Architectural Designer brought him out to Warroad, Minnesota. It is a small city to the north of Minneapolis and 6 miles from the Canadian border. Warroad is home to the famed Marvin Windows Factory. They produce a majority of the windows in the United States and also own “The Shed”. The Shed is a collection of truly badass vintage cars; from the Model T Ford to the 1967 Ford Mustang seen in the movie, “Gone in 60 Seconds”.

After touring Warroad, we had a day to ourselves to explore the city of Minneapolis. Please see below for some of the highlights on where to eat and where to play.

#FITip: Carry love in your heart as you move through life on your own terms.

Where to Eat

Minnesota is notoriously cold with winter temperatures frequently going below 0 degrees Fahrenheit and for this reason many commercial buildings are connected to each other via enclosed bridges called “skyways”.  Minneapolis is known as the city of skyways. In certain spots, it is possible to traverse the city without ever having to step outside. To get a better understanding of what we mean, picture this: you leave your start-up office to go shopping at the nearest mall. After your shopping spree, you meet up with a friend at a local café. After coffee or tea, you head to your box seats at Target Center to watch a Minnesota Twins game. It’s possible to do all of this without ever feeling the chill of Minnesota’s below 0 degree winters.

If you are going to venture outside to grab a drink, you should take a taxi to The Surly Brewing Co.

The Surly Brewing Co.

  • Location: Minneapolis
  • Highlights: It is a beer hall and restaurant, which boasts 20 Surly beers and an amazing atmosphere. There is an indoor/outdoor beerhall surrounded by aluminum clad fermentation tanks.
  • Favorite Drink: Our recommendation would be to try the Surly beer called Furious. It is a refreshing and citrus flavored beer with caramel undertones.
  • Price: $$


Where to Play

The University of Minnesota

  • Location: Minneapolis
  • Highlights: After your drink, you can take in the architectural sites of The University of Minnesota. The university houses Romanesque-styled buildings as well as the campus museum designed by the famed architect Frank Gehry. The museum’s exterior is clad in Gehry’s iconic style. The building’s shape mimics the movement of a waterfall. It is a must-see on your trip.
  • Price: Entry is free
Romanesque-styled Building 
More of the Weisman Art Museum

The Guthrie Theater

  • Location: Minneapolis
  • Highlights: The Guthrie Theatre is designed by the French architect  Jean Nouvelle. The building’s iconic round shape is clad with navy blue metal panels and features a cantilevered observation deck, which looks out to the great Mississippi River. It’s the city’s home for Arts and Theatre.
  • Price: $$

                       Guthrie Theatre designed by Jean Nouvelle (Doesn’t it look like a film reel?)

Have you been to Minnesota? If not, will you be planning a trip soon? Please let us know in the comments below!

Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.



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