Sunday Inspiration: Dinner with the Family Behind Taverna Paros

Welcome to our Sunday Inspiration series where we feature inspirational individuals living out their dreams in the worlds of food and travel.
Join us as we discover the passions, challenges, and motivations that drive these unique creators to quit their 9-5s and embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.


Today we’re speaking with the family who owns Taverna Paros, a restaurant offering delicious traditional Greek meals on the island of Paros. Taverna Paros is almost like having a meal at this family’s home. They serve their meals family style. After having dinner here almost every night of our stay, we finally got the opportunity to speak to Maria, who is the head cook and mother in the family. She shares her food journey with the help of her daughters, Fotini and Vaggelitsa, who translated for her. Please see our conversation below.


Food Inspiration Travel: Where did your mom learn to cook? 

Taverna Paros: When my mother got married, she learned to cook from her husband’s grandmother.

Food Inspiration Travel: How did you start your restaurant? Who started it?

Taverna Paros: We first had a restaurant in Athens where we are originally from. We had it up until 1993. Then we moved here to Paros in 1993. This restaurant has been open for over 22 years now. It has always been a family business.


Food Inspiration Travel: What do you (Maria) love most about cooking?

Taverna Paros: She likes making tasty food. She likes to make sure that the food tastes perfect.

Food Inspiration Travel: What is your (Maria’s) favorite dish to make?

Taverna Paros: Hmm. Pastichio!* It is not currently on the menu as we start to make it during peak season. We will start to make it next week.

*This is a baked pasta dish, which is so good!

Food Inspiration Travel: What advice would you give someone who is interested in becoming a chef?

Taverna Paros: You must love cooking. If you don’t love it, don’t do it. My mother loves to cook. The most important judge of her food is her husband, our father. He will let her know what tastes good and if it doesn’t she will make it again until the taste is just right!




Keftedes (Greek meatballs) with Rice and Tomato Sauce

Food Inspiration Travel: Is her husband, your dad, a chef as well?

Taverna Paros: No, but he knows what the perfect taste is as he grew up eating his mother’s food. His mother is who taught our mother!

Food Inspiration Travel: What inspires you (Maria) to continue cooking?

Taverna Paros: The people who love to come here again and again. This motivates our mother to continue cooking.

Food Inspiration Travel: What would you tell someone about Paros (the island) if they have never been?

Taverna Paros: First, the beaches here are the most beautiful of all of the islands in the Cyclades. Second, you must visit the church in the main square. Lastly, our restaurant, Taverna Paros! lol

We hope you enjoyed this interview and hope that it inspires you to continue to do what you love. If you are in the Paros area, check out Taverna Paros!

Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.

Sarah + Monty

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