Chasing Sun: Your Guide to a Winter Getaway in Martinique

Chasing Sun: Your Guide to a Winter Getaway in Martinique 


Every year we make it a point to escape the New York winter by booking a getaway to somewhere warm. Typically we go in January and make it a celebratory trip to usher in the New Year. This year we decided to go back to Martinique, which is a place we fell in love with last winter when we visited for the first time. Martinique is an island located in the French Caribbean. The official language is French and they use the Euro as it is an overseas region of France.

Our 2 trips to Martinique have inspired us to create this post. Please see below for Your Guide to a Winter Getaway in Martinique.

#FITip: Continue to invest in your craft and see how life falls into place.

Getting There

For our winter getaways we typically book the summer before the winter season to ensure we get the best deals. Norwegian is our airline of choice to Martinique because they offer direct round-trip flights from JFK for less than $200. Norwegian is a budget airline so expect to pay for all the extras i.e., checked baggage, seat assignments, and snacks. In order to minimize costs, you must pack effectively. Norwegians base fare ticket allows for one carry piece of luggage. However with carry-on luggage you are limited in how much liquid you can bring on board (typically up to 3oz per bottle.) Our 3oz travel bottles of choice are these .When it comes to packing our 3 oz essentials, Muji’s hanging toiletry case is our go to for keeping these items neat and ready-to-go!



Where to Stay

On our stays were different for each of the trips. On our first trip, we traveled with friends so we stayed in an AirBnB in the town of Le Robert. The accommodation was suitable for 4 people and had amazing views of the ocean. Le Robert is located on the eastern side of the island about a 30 minute drive from the airport and capital city in Forte de France. The location of our AirBnB although it was beautiful, it was in an isolated area. You had to have a car to grocery shop, go into town, and get around to the local attractions. We recommend staying in Le Robert if you plan to rent a car.

On our most recent trip we decided to stay in Le Vauclin at Le Village de la Pointe resort. We chose this location because we wanted it to be a slower and more relaxed holiday. Le Vauclin is located on the south eastern portion of the island and close to the beach where you can take advantage of the popular water sports such as Kite Surfing and Wind Surfing. It is also in walking distance to the downtown area where the local markets, restaurants, and grocery stores are open daily for a few hours. It is best to go to the city in the morning because most places close in the early afternoon.

Le Robert

Le Vauclin

Where to Play

Yole Boating in St. Luce

A unique experience we took part in was Yole Boating in St. Luce, which is located on the southern portion of the island. The Yole Boat is a traditional vessel used to go fishing. In more modern times, it has evolved to become a boat that is used in one of the leading sports in Martinique. Our experience was intense. We had to assemble the yole boat and push the boat into the water. Once the sail was raised, we were seated on the ledge of the boat based on our weight to prevent the boat from tipping over. We spent 2 hours sailing and we were filled with mixed emotions: excitement and fear just to name a few. It was an incredible experience that we cannot compare to any other boating experience. I would suggest looking up Yole Boating on YouTube to better understand.



Martinique has incredible beaches. There are white sand beaches and black sand beaches. We have only been to the white sand beaches as they are located on the eastern side of the island where we have been staying. Each of the beaches has something different to offer, but they all have beautiful water and views to experience.

The most popular beaches are in Trois-Ilets, which offer beautiful views and are located close to many of the tourist hotels and restaurants.

The beach at Le Vauclin was really relaxing. The shallow waters and high winds provided optimal conditions for kite and wind surfing, which are the popular attractions for this area. Please see our pictures below.


Le Vauclin

Where to Eat

In Vauclin, Le Toucan was our go-to place for traditional Martiniquais cuisine. The all-inclusive lunch menu featured the traditional appetizer called accras, which are balls of dough filled with fish and traditional drinks such as the Planteur, a rum cocktail made with pineapple and guava juices. The staff was super friendly and it was located steps away from the beach and our resort.

Our most memorable food experience was our cooking class with Prisca at La Mauny Distillery. Prisca is a local Martiniquaise chef with a vibrant personality and has a wealth of knowledge about Martiniquaise cuisine. We spent hours cooking with her and didn’t even realize because we were having so much fun learning with her. We made the traditional Colombo chicken meal while tasting the different rum cocktails using the rum from La Mauny Distillery. In order to cook with Prisca, you can book her course through her website at

Le Toucan Restaurant

Accras @ Le Toucan

Cooking with Prisca

Colombo Chicken

Have you been to Martinique? If so, please share your go-to places in the comments section below! Also check out our Instagram stories for more of our complete trip @foodinspirationtravel

Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.

Sarah + Monty


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