Hiddensee, Germany

Hiddensee is a scenic island located in the Baltic Sea, just 2 hours north of the city of Stralsund by ferry. It is truly a hidden gem and a favorite summer destination for both Germans and tourists alike.

See below for some of the reasons why we love the island of Hiddensee.

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Reasons why we love the island of Hiddensee:

1.) It’s car free. There are virtually no cars on the island which adds to it’s tranquility, and allows the island to support 2 incredible nature preserves. Most people get around either by bicycle or by horse drawn carriage. The island boasts many stables where people can go horse back riding.




2.) The island is also known for its scenic bike trails which span through Hiddensee’s varied land typologies, from it’s dense forests to it’s seemingly endless flatlands.



3.) The island’s whimsical architecture that looks like it came right out of a fairy tale. It’s distinct houses drum up thoughts of Alice in Wonderland and even the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe.




The island is open year round but travel is recommended during the summer months. Reederei Hiddensee offers daily ferry transport from the port in Stralsund to Neuendorf from April to October and between Christmas and New Years. See link for further information.

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