How Chase Sapphire Reserve Saved Our Travel Experience in Greece & Why You Should Get the Card

How Chase Sapphire Reserve Saved Our Travel Experience in Greece & Why You Should Get the Card


So here’s what happened:

It was our final day in Greece and as much as we wanted to stay longer, we also needed to make our connecting fight in Athens so we could get back home to the States. We were in Milos waiting for our afternoon flight to be announced. The only announcement we heard was that our flight to Athens had been cancelled due to strong winds in the area. We had mixed feelings as this news meant we were going to stay in Greece for a little bit longer, but also meant we would be missing our connecting flight to get back home.

Longgg story short, our only option that day was to take the ferry back to Athens, which was 7+ hours long on the slow ferry. We had to take this option because there were no other airlines that were flying to Athens and we would get stuck in Milos if we stayed until the next day since the Greeks were planning to have a transportation strike meaning all forms of transportation were out of commission except for taxis. We booked the ferry to ensure we would arrive in Athens before the start of the strike. Crazy timing!

Our cancelled flight meant that we had to spend on the below items:

  • 2 ferry tickets = $100
  • Airbnb = $60
  • Lunch = $20
  • Dinner = $50
  • Airline Fee for Missed Flight = $300

That’s a total of roughly $530 for a cancelled flight that originally cost us $105 for 2 people!


The Silver Linings

The silver linings through this ordeal were the really friendly Greek people who were willing to help us as best they could AND the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card!

Since we use the Chase Sapphire Reserve card to book all of our travel, we automatically receive Chase’s Travel Insurance benefit. This means we are able to claim all of the line items above because of our cancelled flight. ::Sigh of Relief::

In addition, we also get access to lounges around the world through Chase’s partnership with Priority Pass. When we got to Athens airport the following day and re-booked our flight to NY, we went straight to the lounge to have a drink and a meal and hung out there until our flight boarded.

Benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and How You Can Sign Up

Here are just some of the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

  • $300 Travel Credit each year ( The annual card fee is $450, but with this $300 credit, it works out to you only spending $150)
  • 3 x points on Travel & Dining Expenses
  • Lounge Access around the world
  • Waived Fee for Global Entry Program Application

Here’s how you can sign up for the card and earn 50,000 points: Get Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Here

Please let us know how you’ve benefited from the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card in the comments below! If you don’t have the card, what are you waiting for?!

Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.

Sarah + Monty

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