Fishkill Farms

Autumn is our favorite season for so many reasons: the changing of the leaves, milder weather, and fun fall recipes! In addition, we’ve made it a tradition to visit a local NY State farm each year. It’s a chance for us to get out of the city and into nature where we can enjoy locally grown produce that we pick on our own.

Most recently we took a trip up to Beacon NY to visit Fishkill farms, which is just an hour and half by train up the Hudson Valley. We arrived at 10am, which allowed us to get first dibs on the apples as well as the vegetable produce.

Fishkill Farms is great for a day trip.The farm features fun activities for the whole family, including hay rides, apple picking, cider tastings, live music, and  so much more! We recommend checking out the local farms in your area as they can be a great way to enjoy the season. Please see pictures of our excursion below.








Travel Wide. Eat Well. Live Your Passion.

Sarah + Monty

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